US President Donald Trump has said countries like China, India and Russia are doing "absolutely nothing" to clean up their smokestacks and industrial plants and the garbage that they drop in sea floats into Los Angeles.
Terming climate change as a "very complex issue", Trump said he considers himself to be, in many ways, an environmentalist, believe it or not".
"So I"m very much into climate. But I want the cleanest air on the planet and I want to have I have to have clean air water, Trump said in remarks at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday.
Trump told the audience that the US withdrew from the one-sided, horrible, horrible, economically unfair, "close your businesses down within three years," "don"t frack, don"t drill, we don"t want any energy" the horrible Paris Climate Accord that killed American jobs and shielded foreign polluters.
He said the Paris Climate Agreement was a "disaster" for the US, adding that the deal would have resulted in trillions and trillions of ...

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