President Trump seems to be on a scorched-earth offensive to impede the House investigations into his brash phone call with Volodymir Zelenskiy.

Our Utah senator, Mitt Romney, rebuked Trump for calling on Ukraine and China to investigate the family of Joe Biden. The vehemence of Trump’s tirade against Romney makes one wonder why Trump made no such protest against Kim Jong-Un for the immolation of Otto Warmbier.

Romney should take up a leadership position of Republican senators to get to the bottom of Trump’s stonewalling and contempt of Congress. Trump’s threats and intimidation are the tactics of a dictator, and it looks like a coverup of overt crimes.

Trump’s lawyers are trying to make the case that he cannot be investigated while in office, which would make him effectively above the law.

Trump has just withdrawn U.S. military forces from northern Syria. That is a betrayal of our Kurdish fighting partners. Turkish and Russian forces are poised to overrun the Kurdish territory and will probably decimate the Kurds. The U.S. will lose all trust of our allies.

Republicans have made a Faustian bargain with Trump in order to hold on to political power. If Trump were to be impeached, Mitt Romney could make another run for president in 2020.

Don Hiddleson, Millcreek

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