Relatively speaking, President Donald Trump tends to receive more favorable coverage from cable news giant Fox News than he does from other media outlets, given his relationships with a number of opinion hosts on the network.

However, that hasn’t stopped the president from hurling attacks their way, especially in recent weeks.

According to The Hill, on Tuesday while speaking with CBS, Fox News’ chief political anchor Brett Baier spoke out against Trump’s seemingly relentless attacks on what he calls the “fake news” media, along with sometimes labeling the media the “enemy of the people” after he receives less-than-flattering coverage.

“I think it’s a problem. I don’t love — that’s a bad phrase. I think it’s — we’re all trying to do our job,” Baier said with regard to the president’s anti-media messaging.

Baier, host of the top-rated Fox News nightly program Special Report, explained that his network takes Trump’s insults “in stride.”

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