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Rejoice! The 2019-20 National Basketball season is upon us! Looking to get into the NBA this year? Of course you are, it’s the best sports league in the world, and we’re in for a very exciting season. Wanna get started?! All you have to do is crack open a cold brewdog, flip over to your local TNT station, and you can catch a hot double-header, with the New Orleans Pelicans facing off against the reigning NBA champion Toronto Raptors.

But, be advised: the real action will begin when Los Angeles’s favored son, reigning NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, heading up his new team, the LA Clippers, squares off against the Los Angeles Lakers, featuring carpetbagging Ohioan LeBron James and new Lakers’ superstar forward Anthony Davis.

Their matchup will be the first meeting of two superstar-laden squads, who play in the same building that, on first glance, appear to be prime contenders for the NBA Championship. The Clippers are a fairly straightforward case: they were very good last year, have a deep bench, an excellent coach, a front office that isn’t run by lunatics, and they added Leonard and Paul George (out for a month or two, due to a blank-blank injury) to their squad over the summer.

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