Truly everyone has a podcast now.

Joining a slew of right wingers, your neighbor, and your local grocery store, former White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon is now thinking about starting a podcast of his own. He"s looking to use the podcast to combat President Trump"s impeachment, and, as former Trump campaign chief Corey Lewandowski confirmed to The Washington Post, is trying to get some other ex-Trump associates on board.

As House Democrats" impeachment inquiry continues into Trump, the president has rejected past impeachment strategies and is running his countersurge without a Clinton-esque war room. But Bannon seems to think Trump is doing it all wrong. So he spoke with associates over the weekend about launching a podcast that will double as an "outside war room," three people familiar with his plans tell the Post. "There"s no communication between the White House and the Hill or with the grass roots," Bannon later told the Post, adding that the podcast will be a "public media play that will have an everyday focus to help people understand what"s going on."

Lewandowski similarly told the Post that "proactive communication is necessary to inform the American people about what"s happening." His involvement could some legitimacy to the podcast, seeing as Bannon is still disliked among Trump loyalists, but Lewandowski reportedly might be hired for a White House impeachment defense corps. Read more about Bannon"s return to the airwaves at The Washington Post.

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