Former U.S. Secretary of State, First Lady, and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has “substituted the defense of Trump for the defense of diplomacy” and “the defense of our country,” during an interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour, Tuesday.

“First of all, he didn’t admit that he had been on the call. Eventually, he did, and there were a number of people on the call,” declared Clinton, on the topic of President Donald Trump’s controversial Ukraine call. “Part of the telling evidence, in this case, is that, immediately after the call, the people who were either listening in or listening to Trump’s end of the call knew that they had problems, which is why they tried to basically conceal the call within a highly classified system.”

“So, Pompeo was in on it. He knew from the beginning that this was a problem,” she continued, adding, “It’s really a shame that he has substituted the defense of Trump for the defense of diplomacy, the defense of our country, literally doing the job that a secretary of state should do.”

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