President Trump should look at the pathway to obfuscation as demonstrated by Hillary Clinton.

He should keep a BleachBit close at hand, a hammer to beat a computer to pieces, and a film to justify incompetence as in the Benghazi debacle.You might say nothing sticks to Teflon. The mainstream media are pawns on the Clinton chess board.

The Democrats would classify me as a deplorable no doubt. I served three years in the Army, worked my way through college at 39 hours per week for ninety cents an hour. I had a 34-year career as a chemist. My wife and I had two daughters who we sent to college and paid their way. If I were to donate 10 percent of my income to church and charities, I would have to reduce the amount to cut back to that level.

Yes, deplorable I might be, but I am proud to accept the classification.

John Winslow, South St. Paul


Scrambling for credence

Donald Trump is like a dog with a bone. Whether or not there is any validity to his claims/desires, he’ll just hang on until someone beats him off. His staff is forced to scramble to give credence to his off-the-wall declarations — or else.

Whaddya mean, I can’t buy Greenland? I’ll show YOU — I’ll diss the Queen of Denmark by cancelling the state visit at the last minute that she invited me to (although she has nothing to do with selling Greenland). Whaddya mean, the hurricane isn’t going to hit Alabama? I SAID it would, and by gum, it’s gonna hit Alabama even if I have to get out my Sharpie and redraw the weather map.

Whaddya mean, there is no evidence of corruption in Ukraine on the part of the Bidens? If it were ME, I’D have been corrupt — so they must have been also. Everybody’s corrupt. And by cracky, if Ukraine can’t come up with, or manufacture, evidence of corruption, they’re not getting their military aid. (I didn’t really want to give it to them, anyway — it irritates Putin.)

We should be very worried.

Carol Turnbull, Woodbury


Paying for protection

Three very wealthy organizations (Vikings,Timberwolves, and Twins) are concerned about not having enough police protection for their fans. Well, the fans built locations for these teams to collect their millions.

Just think, if they valued their fans as much as their star athletes they could contribute to their protection.

A QB worth $84 million, guaranteed, and they can’t afford to donate to the protection of their fans? Give me a break!

Jim Slaten, Shoreview

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