donald trump speaks at the white house

Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020 because the Democrats are trying so hard to swing to the left that they’re ignoring voters who don’t support leftist policies, Arizona Republic writer Laurie Roberts opines. And the problem of leftists vs. centrists in the Democratic Party is exemplified by what is happening in Arizona and their senior United States Senator, Kyrsten Sinema.

It seems that in Phoenix, there’s a movement afoot to censure Sinema (in politics, a censure is a resolution expressing strong disapproval or criticism). Roberts writes that the Democratic Party leadership in Arizona wants to ceremonially punish Sinema because her voting record is more centrists than the leftist wing of the party would like.

Dan O’Neal, state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, made that specifically clear, Roberts writes.

“The way she is voting is really disappointing. We want Democrats to vote like Democrats and not Republicans,” O’Neal said.

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