US President Donald Trump on Friday rejected Tehran"s denial it was behind mysterious explosions on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, saying the incident had Iran "written all over it".
As US-Iranian tensions soared, Trump dismissed previous threats by Tehran that in case of conflict it could block the Hormuz Strait -- a narrow seaway vital to the world"s oil supplies.
"They"re not going to be closing it," he said in an interview on Fox News television.
Speaking hours after the US military released grainy footage it said showed an Iranian patrol boat removing an "unexploded limpet mine" from one of the tankers, Trump was emphatic.
"Iran did do it," Trump told the "Fox and Friends" show.
"You know they did it because you saw the boat. I guess one of the mines didn"t explode and it"s probably got essentially Iran written all over it. You saw the boat at night, successfully trying to take the mine off -- and that was exposed," he added.
Iran rejects the US accusations. It labelled the

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