Trump’s most famous spawn, Ivanka, and the wet blanket she married (Jared Kushner, here’s looking at you) went from their official UK visit straight to The Hague in the Netherlands.

There, she attended the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Seems innocent right? Sure, if you count sweatshops and knock-off shoes as the markers of an entrepreneur.

I’m sure she fit right in.

Anyway, to mark the occasion, before leaving, she tweeted about it:

Here’s Mashable with what happened next:

Thing is, The Hague is also home to the seat of the UN’s International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, which are two very important places where international criminals and cases are tried.

While Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner haven’t been formally accused of any international crimes, they do have a lengthy (and growing) list of allegations of corruption and ethically questionable behavior following them around, and the opportunity for jokes was too good for many Twitter users to pass up.

Take it away Twitter:

The snarky replies are endless. You can read them here.

Even Trevor Noah weighed in:

Unfortunately, she was only there to give a speech.

Just like everywhere her dad goes, there was a protest to meet her when she arrived.

The chicken doesn’t fall far from the KFC bucket.


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