President Donald Trump called out NYU professor and Foreign Policy expert Ian Bremmer after the frequent cable news pundit tweeted a fake quote attributed to Trump that many media figures and politicians took seriously.

While Trump is on a diplomatic visit to Japan — and has been tweeting about the current evolving situation with North Korea — Bremmer tweeted:

This tweet was shared widely, understandably causing a bit of a stir on Twitter given the over-the-top nature of what Bremmer shared and that he is a typically reliable source of information on the social media platform.

Bremmer later deleted the tweet, sheepishly claiming that it was something of a test of the media and noting that his outlandish fake quote was entirely plausible. Trump has offered praise for Kim Jong Un who is considered a brutal dictator by most on the global stage and has criticized Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden, so Bremmer did have a point, even if his actions were entirely unforgivable.

Early on Memorial Day, Trump responded to the weekend controversy, calling out the need to change libel laws to hold  “Fake News Media” accountable. To wit:

According to the Washington Post, President Trump has lied over 10,000 times since taking office, so his critics may see his holding account of public officials — and making the observation that “People think they can say anything and get away with it” — might be a bit rich. Trump’s supporters, however, are certain to nod their head in agreement and continue to avoid breathing through their noses.

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