Some House Democrats have grown frustrated with Donald Trump’s stonewalling of committee investigations into Trump, and his refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas, and plan to pressure Speaker Nancy Pelosi to change her “reluctant” stance on beginning impeachment proceedings against his administration, his businesses, and his ties to Russia, according to a new Washington Post report published on Friday. But in public remarks earlier the day, Pelosi said that she continues to oppose impeachment — even though she admitted that Trump gives “grounds” for impeachment “every day.”

“I think the President every day gives grounds for impeachment in terms of his obstruction of justice. You never say, blanketly, I’m not answering any subpoenas,” Pelosi said, speaking at a Georgetown University Law School event, as quoted by CNN. But she added that she did not “want to impeach” at this time, and prefers to wait in hopes that Trump and his administration ultimately hand over documents and information demanded by several congressional committees.

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