Music icon Cher has spoken up numerous times over the past few years to share her opinion regarding President Donald Trump as well as his family and his political policies. On Thursday, she did it again, sharing some screenshots of past headlines related to a couple of the president’s offspring and adding her own swipe of criticism.

Cher’s tweet included several screenshots and her caption read, “HERE ARE THE, ‘LET THEM EAT [CAKE], TRUMPS [SKULL EMOJI] NOT ONE OF THEM WORTH A D*MN [FIRE EMOJI].”

One of the screenshots was from an Irish Examiner article posted quite some time ago that noted a tweet from actor Hugh Grant regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s love for big game hunting. Grant, in his original post, quipped that Americans frequently asked him to define the slang word “wanker” often used by the British, and apparently, he felt that the photo of Trump Jr. fit the bill.

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