vanka Trump, White House adviser and daughter of President Donald Trump, speaks during an Axios360 News Shapers event.

As The Inquisitr reported, President Donald Trump said Friday that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, was one of his considerations for leading the World Bank because “she’s very good with numbers, and added that if she were to run for president, “she’d be very, very hard to beat.” Recently, Fox News host Ed Henry and co-panelist and Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov discussed to possibility with former New York Congresswoman Nan Hayworth.

Per Express, Hayworth claims to be a “big fan of Ivanka Trump.” She added that she has worked with her on projects and claims that the is effective, intelligent, and articulate, and “deeply cares,” which she says would make her a successful president.

But Tarvlov was more skeptical.

“I’ve got a dad too and he thinks highly of me.”

“The President speaks this way — he loves Ivanka. He thinks very highly of her,” she added.

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