Writing for Fox New, Tom Del Beccaro, noted what Democratic journalists seem to be glossing over: "Joe Biden has always been a better prospective candidate than an actual candidate.- He will gaffe himself to the finish lines." Del Beccaro wrote that Bernie will be the Democratic nominee. Acknowledging that the hopelessly corrupt, hopelessly conservative Democratic establishment "will side with almost anyone over Sanders, he thinks that "in the end that could well be to Sanders’ benefit in this Anti-establishment, divided era." He lays out 5 reasons why he thinks Bernie will win and anti-establishment sentiment ranks first on his list: "Sanders" supporters remember how he was unfairly denied the nomination in 2016. Of all the Democrats running right now, it is likely that Sanders has the most supporters and the largest number of committed voters. If you add all of that up, there is little to no doubt that Sanders-- who lost Iowa in 2016 to Hillary by a margin of 49.84 percent to 49.59 percent-- will finish in the top two in Iowa. He could well win.- Sanders won New Hampshire in 2016 and-- in a crowded field-- he is more than likely to win it again in 2020. That will make him a front runner if not the front runner after the first two primaries."

Did you watch the video up top. Del Beccaro might as well be reviewing it: "Voters want answers and they like politicians who have clarity.- You can argue that Sanders’ message and programs would be very bad for America-- but he is clear and focused.- New candidates have to sort out their messages.

Goal ThermometerMeanwhile, Bernie couldn"t have asked for a better foil than the one Trump provided him with by releasing his new budget-- which Bernie termed "a budget for corporate CEOs, who already make over 300 times what their workers make, this is a budget for Wall Street, this is a budget for the billionaire class. This is a budget that must and will be defeated. We need a budget that works for Americans, not just Donald Trump and the 1 percent." The Act Blue thermometer on the right is where you can contribute to Bernie"s campaign. Obviously whatever you feel comfortable giving will be accepted with thanks. One suggestion would be a donation of $20.20, an acknowledgment that next year is a crucial, even existential, crossroads for our country.

In the new video below, Tim Black laughs in the faces of the pathetic establishment Democrats and the corporate media which keep shrilly insisting that Bernie and his populist policy agenda aren"t popular with African-American voters.

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