The Melania Trump “body double” made her latest appearance on Friday — at least according to Twitter users who revisited one of social media’s enduringly popular conspiracy theories when they saw photos of Mrs. Trump with her husband in Alabama, as Donald Trump visited the region where a series of deadly tornado strikes claimed the lives of 23 people earlier this week, as CNN reported.

The Melania “body double” conspiracy theory dates back to at least October of 2017, when photos circulated on Twitter that appeared to show the 48-year-old, Slovenia-born former fashion model appearing somewhat different in side-by-side photographs.

Conspiracy theories about Melania Trump’s true whereabouts got a boost in May of last year, when Melania Trump for reasons that were never fully explained, disappeared from public view for nearly three weeks, an extraordinarily long time for a First Lady to go without a public appearance, according to The Guardian.

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